It’s that time of year again. The temperature is dropping dramatically and residents of the south Okanagan and Penticton are starting to get in the festive spirit! Lights are going up, decorations are being hung and the sounds of bells ringing and shoppers are filling up Main street. We often get asked the question, “When is it the best time to list my house for sale in Penticton?” While we see inventory trends depending on the market conditions, the real answer to that question truly lies with the homeowner and not surprisingly the correct answer is, “The best time to list your home for sale in Penticton is primarily when you as the homeowner are ready!” Yes, buyers often associate the blooming spring flowers as a sure sign that the market is open for business, but many people have success throughout the “down” seasons as well. One surprisingly great season to sell in is over the winter holidays and we’ll give you a few good reasons why listing and buying a home in Penticton, BC is a great option over winter holidays!


There’s no doubt that inventory is slightly lower over the winter in Penticton compared to spring and summer. Sellers may use this time to take little break and relist their homes come spring and summer and others may not want to deal with interruptions during what is already a hectic time of the year. If you aren’t concerned about showings or negotiations over Christmas, NYE and everything in between then you will benefit from the lower supply by garnering more attraction for your home due to lower inventory.

More out of towners/vacationers
Winter holidays bring in the extended family, visitors and more to Penticton. This is a great time for us to help market your home to a unique audience during the festive season. While we see a decrease in buyers during this time of year we see the level of seriousness increase from the buyers who are looking. This is all very beneficial because it means that if you get a showing request over the holidays chances are they are very motivated buyer.

Holiday spirit
Potential buyers for your Penticton home are more likely susceptible to being bitten by nostalgia during the holiday season. Fresh snow, warm lights and the sounds of Christmas can tug at people’s heartstrings. Open houses with roaring fires and neatly hung decorations can make your home stand out more so than any other time of year, so adding a for sale sign into the mix will only increase the fear of missing out from potential buyers.


Beat the spring rush
Spring is when the largest influx of inventory and buyers hit the streets around the south Okanagan to find new homes. If you’ve been in the market since last spring and you still haven’t found a place then this could be the ideal time for you to finally write your offer. Stay tuned to neighbourhoods you’ve had your eye on because chances are you can find yourself an off season deal that you won’t see in hot markets.

See the worst of the worst
Seeing a house during the dead of winter will show you a lot if you’re paying close attention. You’ll see where the winter sun rises/sets on the home, how the road maintenance is in the neighbourhood, and how easy the snow shoveling will be for you during the winter months. You’ll also be able to see things you might not otherwise check if you were viewing the home in the summer or spring, like how warm and insulated the place stays, if the fireplaces work, and simple things like how much storage the home has for winter gear like boots, heavy coats and shovels. If you’re buying in the winter you’ll want to pay close attention to some of these items.

Regardless of when you decide to list your Penticton home for sale the John Green Real Estate Team is here to help you anytime of the year! If you are thinking of listing your Penticton home for sale over the holidays either because you have to move or because you want to beat the spring inventory rush, then reach out to us today! We are more than happy to work out a custom real estate showing schedule that doesn’t interrupt any potential holiday gatherings, parties or the big guy in the red suit coming down your chimney.

We look forward to hearing from you and of course we wish all residents of Penticton, and our valued readers a happy and safe holiday season with your loved ones.