Are you ready to prepare your Penticton home or commercial property for a spring real estate sale?

Spring has sprung in the south Okanagan and along with the blooming spring tulips we also see local home sellers start to flood the Penticton real estate market. Spring sellers are a welcome sign, especially after a long winter where housing inventory tends to dip to lower than average.

With the recent changes in mortgage rules and the housing affordability crunch in larger centres such as Vancouver and Toronto we are looking at a growing list of potential buyers who are looking for a slice of our laid back Penticton lifestyle.

If you’re one of the lucky few who already call Penticton home and you’ve been considering listing your home or commercial property for sale, then we want to give you a head start with some helpful tips to get your home in tip-top shape before it hits the MLS in Penticton.

Sparkle, shine and clean!
Nothing says spring like cleaning. That’s why we’ve even coined the term as a commonly used phrase in the English language. We love to warm up for summer by shaking off the winter. That typically means getting rid of the dust, sand and dirt that has accumulated inside and out from winter storms. The great thing is that cleaning is free and nothing will sell your home faster than a decluttered, sparkly clean home. You will want to ensure that your windows are clean inside and out, and that you remove any debris and dirt from patios and decks. Polish your floors and vacuum up any corners that are looking dingy and dark. If you have the time you may also want to wash door handles, baseboards and handrails.

Declutter, stage and refresh
Since you’re planning on moving anyway, why not get a jump on packing and show potential buyers your serious by packing up personal items early. It’s spring, so the snow shovels and winter gear is something you can easily pack up and move out of the way. Buyers like to imagine their new life in your home, so removing any personal photos, decor and more is highly recommended. You definitely want to get rid of any clutter on the fridge or countertops and make sure your home feels light and airy. If you have room, then moving a mobile storage bin to your driveway is a fantastic option that allows you to get a jumpstart on packing while preparing your home for quick sale. This signifies to buyers that your serious about accepting offers. You may also want to consider a home staging professional to spruce up your place. Maybe you love your pool table in the dining room, but chances are it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. Stagers know what makes people tick in general and it’s an affordable way to increase your asking price when selling.

Add some thoughtful touches
If you don’t want to go the staging route then consider sprucing up your place with a few spring additions and touches that will make potential buyers feel welcome. Fresh flowers from your garden or the flower shop in the kitchen, living room, dining room or master bathroom will go along way. Using natural spring flowers, like peonies, tulips and daffodils will not only brighten your space but will provide a natural spring scent that is welcoming. A new door mat for your front door is also a great addition. Avoid using contrived scents and candles. They not only create a potential fire hazard but you may also inadvertently turn someone off due to scent sensitivity. You can also add some colourful throw blankets, and throw pillows to your beds, couches and common spaces to make your space more attractive and fresh. Little details go a long way when listing your home for sale.

Don’t neglect your landscaping
Curb appeal is real. Since the advent of the Internet many potential home buyers will do drive by’s before they schedule a showing with their real estate agent. You will want to make sure that your house passes the curb appeal test, so that you get that second pass. Keep your lawn mowed (diagonal mowing lines show attention to detail), plant some spring flowers near the door in bright colourful shades, remove all garbage near your home and make sure your driveway and pathways look clean and tidy. If you have any maintenance that needs to be done outside then now is the time. Get out the paint and the tools and tackle any projects that might hinder a potential sale.

Is it time to re-list for spring?
Consider this a pro-tip. Once you have completed all of the spring refreshers above, consult with your agent to see if it is a good idea to pull your stale listing from the Penticton MLS in order to give it a reboot. Snapping some new pics that show the recently planted flowers and some sun shining in through the windows rather than the bleak winter scape can sometimes be all you need to generate exposure. If your listing sat around all winter with little to no action then it might be a great time to consider this strategy. Buyers love new listings, so pulling yours while you attend to your spring to-do list might be your ticket to selling quickly this spring!

Whatever your strategy is for selling your Penticton home for spring, I would love to be a part of your team. Contact me directly if you would like a free home evaluation and let’s work together to come up with a marketing plan that works for your lifestyle.