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Mike’s Review of TK


Taras Kinash was instrumental to our successful purchase of a vacation property in Penticton. He listened carefully to all of our criteria and found properties that met or exceeded these needs. Viewing real estate with Taras was awesome! Taras was eager, energetic and always optimistic in our real estate search. Being an out of province Buyer, Taras kept in constant communication with us and made himself available to show property whenever we were in Penticton. Taras’s experience in property development and building design was very helpful in determining the potential of each home we viewed. It feels good to know that my real estate representative understands how homes are built, how they can be altered and all the planning and permitting that is required to remodel a home. He spent hours with us in one property helping us envision its potential redesign options. He was patient and gave us the space and time to make a decision on which property we eventually wanted to make an offer on. ‬ ‪ In terms of creating a purchase offer and the subsequent negotiations, ‬‪Taras explained the real estate purchase process clearly to us and drafted a compelling offer/contract which we felt protected our interests. We appreciate that Taras presented our offer to the Sellers in person. Taras made a great impression with the Sellers, and he has informed us that the Sellers have referred him to other friends and family. We also had recommended Taras to a friend who purchased property with him. With our purchase offer, he was able to negotiate a great price and reasonable terms of sale for us. He was simply amazing in his congenial negotiation tactics and gave nothing less than 100% effort to make the process of purchasing our home hassle free and smooth. Our purchase was not straight forward yet Taras managed it professionally and calmly.‬ ‪Taras was thorough in researching the home, property history, making sure all permits were granted, and helped us assess the property for potential expansion in the future. We were very happy with the other professionals Taras referred to us, specifically our home inspector and lawyer. We felt assured that Taras performed the highest standard of due diligence.‬ ‪We are very satisfied with our lakefront home and enjoy everything that it has to offer. Taras helped us find a home that met our criteria and needs and as a result we are over the moon happy with the property. He is a great resource and his service extends beyond our sale date. Taras still communicates with us regularly and is always happy to help whenever we need assistance with our home, whether it is to recommend an air conditioner repair technician, or a dock installer, Taras is on hand. He is not only the real estate expert we trust, he is a friend who cares about our home and our life in the Okanagan. We are considering purchasing another investment property and Taras is our man!‬