Three Reasons Real Estate In Penticton Is Right For You

Penticton has many things to offer from the stunning scenery to the welcoming people. With summer right around the corner, Penticton real estate is an investment you shouldn’t pass up. From family vacation homes to apartments, Penticton has it all. Memories are sure to be made in and around these stunning properties. If you are moving from the city, the view of a sparkling Okanagan Lake and lush vineyards are sure to cure any homesickness you may briefly experience.

The Gorgeous Views:
Sweeping vineyards to sandy beaches- Penticton has jaw-dropping scenery nearly at every turn. The rolling hills are covered in vibrant seasonal flowers and vineyards that go on for miles. Additionally, the land is perfect for orchards and livestock. Rocky mountains provide the perfect place for a midsummer’s day hike or bike ride. There is nothing quite like an afternoon filled with watersports on a sweltering okanagan summer’s day, and thankfully there are two beautiful lakes in your backyard waiting to be played in. Skaha and Okanagan Lake are immaculate. The desert like topography makes it feel like sunny California, but with the added perks of all four seasons. With lakeside bluffs and rich vegetation Penticton is always photo ready. The stunning views will undoubtedly capture your attention after just one glance.

Many homes in Penticton afford views of the lakes, and mountains. Of course if you’re looking at establishing a commercial business in Penticton then you may be attracted to the lore of owning your own winery, vineyard or farm property. Agriculture is an integral part of Penticton’s cultural fabric and one the city is consistently awarded for.

The Many Attractions:
Not only does Penticton have a dazzling vista, it also has many attractions. The culturally rich environment brings people from across Canada, which is great for new business, and creates a diverse atmosphere for residents to enjoy. There’s nothing like summer boredom and Penticton’s amenities without a doubt will keep you occupied. Calling all thrill seekers! Rock climbing is one if the many bonuses of the varying topography, so grab your carabiners and put on your rock climbing shoes for a thrill seeking adventure. On top of that, there are also an abundance of eye-catching trails like the Ale Trail, and suspension bridges over Penticton’s bottomless canyons. There are no shortage of wineries and orchards with sceneries to make you feel like your in modern day Greece. Choo! Choo! Want to feel like a kid again whilst being educated on the intriguing heritage of Penticton? Well come take a ride on the Kettle Valley Train from Summerland to Penticton. The tracks run through countless vineyards and overlook a glistening Okanagan Lake. In addition there are also plenty of water sports like; wake boarding, water skiing, tubing, and kneeboarding. From sunrise to sunset Penticton will keep you and your family occupied.

Looking for investment property in Penticton? Purchasing a vacation home within the city is a great way to get into the Penticton real estate market while also making some income when you aren’t in town yourself. There are so many amenities and attractions in Penticton that no area of the city is considered a bad spot to invest in. From the rolling hills and stunning views of the Wiltse Valley View neighbourhood to the close proximity that living in the neighbourhood of Redlands/Uplands provides to downtown. There is truly an upside to every neighbourhood and community within Penticton. You will want to look into the ever evolving rules at the municipal and provincial level to learn more about the regulations around vacation rentals within the city.

The Many Varieties of Housing:
In addition to the thrilling attractions and stunning views, there is housing for everyone and their proverbial four legged friends. If you are looking for an apartment for yourself and your furry companion or just yourself there are tons of beautiful, perfectly sized spaces. However, if your looking for a larger home for a family of four there are plenty of houses within walking distance of schools, parks and work. A quick commute will keep you right on schedule, and less time in your car equals a cleaner environment. Maybe you’re looking for something a little less permanent to escape the frigid temperatures of some of Canada’s colder provinces. Fortunately, there are quaint cottages and secluded vacation homes perfect to escape your life at home and enjoy a sunny Okanagan summer. If none of these appeal to your tastes there are also massive acreages with plenty of space to start a farm. Vineyards, orchards, livestock and flowers are all possible in the gorgeous weather of cloudless Penticton.

From rock climbing and water sports to one bedroom apartments and modern day Greece vibes Penticton is ideal for anyone and their family. Have a relaxing summer off with friends by a pristine Okanagan Lake, or a productive year with family. Penticton is sure to keep any age group active and entertained.